We at Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. hope to achieve to become the best pre-employment medical examination provider in the country in the provision of quality medical service to our customers and principals.
          As we view ourselves as a company who inspires workforces to better themselves, the provision of continuous training and improvement of our services will be the forefront of our endeavors to achieve our goals. The goals we perceive is encompassing to include the expansion of our medical and training facilities.
        With these visions deeply embedded in our minds, we believe we will be able to increase our customer base providing internationally accepted quality medical services.


Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. is guided by the following objectives:

  • Satisfying the needs of our patients/seafarers is fundamental to the success of the company. We will assure our customers by reliably providing innovative medical services of consistently high quality.
  • Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. constantly seeks to improve the quality of its medical services, including its medical practices. Recognizing that the satisfaction and success of our patients/seafarers comes first, we will take our best effort to provide our patients/seafarers with the best possible solutions.
  • The combined technical knowledge, skills and efforts of all the associates make up the total power of the company. Each of us responsible for contributing his best capabilities and efforts.


This Industrial Clinic started by the late DR. LOURDES F. MABANTA who was then the President / Administrator of Marian General Hospital under Marian Clinics Inc. way back in 1954, dealing with several companies for their annual pre-employment and medical consultations, mostly seamen applicants for international employment as well as taking care of their repatriated cases.   Few of the very first companies we handled among others were: Wallem Phils. Shipping, Shell Philippines, General Motors Inc., Raymond Morrison Knudsen, Knights of Columbus fraternal Association of the Phils., etc.   Unfortunately, the Marian Clinics Inc. office building caught fire on October 1991 forcing us to transfer to 1268-P United Nations Paco Manila It was then that we decided to change our company name, thus was born NOTRE DAME MEDICO DENTAL CLINICS INC. which we started using on November 1991 and was officially registered with Securities and Exchange commission on February 19, 1992. On September 19, 2005 we moved to our present site at Elena II Building 1036 J. Nakpil St. Malate Manila to continue giving quality medical services to our clients.   From that time on this clinic has earned its ISO Certification for the 9001 : 2008 and has been getting additional maritime agencies as new clients, and has been accredited with the DOH, POEA, BID, MARINA & DOLE.




Quality Policy

We at Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. are committed to meet the needs and requirements of Sea and Land Based Pre-Employment Medical Examination according to the requirements of overseas recruiting agencies. This includes the following:

  • Deliver the medical result of sea and land based pre-employment medical examination within the given time provided by the overseas recruiting agencies.
  • Deliver the medical result of sea and land based pre-employment medical examination according to the medical standards set forth by the government institution and medical industry.
  • Provide all the sea and land based pre-employment medical examination services consistent with the expectation and needs of the customers and our stated quality objectives and targets.

“This policy and stated quality objectives are reviewed regularly to ensure continuing suitability and continual improvement.”
This commitment can be achieved through the following:
  • Ensuring the medical staff is competent and continuously trained
  • Effective implementation of established quality management system
  • Ensuring system and operational nonconformance, including customer complaints are appropriately corrected.
  • Ensuring required resources are available when needed to provide adequate manpower, equipment and trained personnel.
  • Ensuring the stated quality policy and quality objectives are communicated and understood at all levels within Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics Inc.