Vision / Mission


We at Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc.  hope to achieve to become the best pre-employment medical examination provider in the country in the provision of quality medical service to our customers and principals.

As we view ourselves as a company who inspires workforces to better themselves, the provision of continuous training and improvement of our services will be the forefront of our endeavors to achieve our goals.  The goals we perceive is encompassing to include the expansion of our medical and training facilities.

With these visions deeply embedded in our minds, we believe we will be able to increase our customer base providing internationally accepted quality medical services.


Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. is guided by the following objectives:

  • Satisfying the needs of our patients/seafarers is fundamental to the success of the company. We will assure our customers by reliably providing innovative medical services of consistently high quality.
  • Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. constantly seeks to improve the quality of its medical services, including its medical practices. Recognizing that the satisfaction and success of our patients/seafarers comes first, we will take our best effort to provide our patients/seafarers with the best possible solutions.
  • The combined technical knowledge, skills and efforts of all the associates make up the total power of the company. Each of us responsible for contributing his best capabilities and efforts.